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About Us

Creating a society where every person has the opportunity to
thrive and reach their full potential

Exuberating Success is a nonprofit organization that helps people who have been released from prison successfully transition back into society.


Our goal is to make sure that these individuals have the support and resources they need to rebuild their lives after prison.


We offer a variety of services to help with reentry, such as job training, education programs, and housing assistance. We also provide counseling and mentoring to help individuals navigate the challenges of life after prison.

Exuberating Success believes that everyone deserves a second chance and works to break down the barriers that can prevent formerly incarcerated people from succeeding in their communities.

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By offering a supportive and non-judgmental environment, we help individuals build the skills and confidence they need to thrive and become

productive members of society.​

Overall, Exuberating Success is dedicated to helping people who have been incarcerated achieve long-term success and overcome the obstacles that they may face in their reentry journey.

Our Story

Geri Vila Waiau, a resilient and tenacious spirit, transformed her 17-year incarceration into a powerful force for change by founding Exuberating Success in 2023.


This non-profit organization shines as a beacon of hope for formerly incarcerated women, guiding and uplifting them as they reenter society.

Geri Vila Waiau, Founder

Fueled by Geri's unyielding determination, Exuberating Success empowers these women by offering vital resources, such as safe housing, job training, education, and mental health services. This holistic approach not only helps to break the cycle of recidivism but also ignites the spark within each woman to reclaim her life with dignity and a renewed sense of purpose.


Geri's inspiring journey reminds us that every individual possesses the innate power to overcome adversity and create a lasting impact on the world around them.


Through Exuberating Success, Geri Vila Waiau's unwavering dedication has lit the path for countless women to rise above their past and embrace a bright, hopeful future.



Female Friends


Why Exuberating Success?

Exuberating success refers to a level of success that is characterized by a strong sense of excitement, joy, and enthusiasm. It is when someone has achieved a goal or accomplished something remarkable and feels incredibly happy and fulfilled about it. It's a feeling of confidence and empowerment that comes from knowing that you have achieved something truly great.

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